Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another item we need is PAJAMAS!!! Especially sizes 12months thru 4T! Spring and summer pajamas.

Items of greatest need

If you are looking to donate to the is a list of the items of greatest need at the moment:

large items:
crib mattresses
high chairs
car seats (not more than 5 years old)

small items:
crib sheets
new socks (sizes 12months to 4T)
new pacifiers
underwear (size 2T to 4T)
sippy cups

Thanks so much for your generosity to these families with young children!


This month we were able to give every family an easter basket. The young adult life group purchased easter baskets for each child (and their older siblings) that came to the babycloset in April! The kids loved them!!! They were the most jam-packed baskets I have ever seen! A huge thanks to everyone that contributed and put them together!