Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The question is often asked..."What do you need most at the babycloset?"
The answer is sometimes different..depending on the needs at the moment, sometimes its diapers, sometimes its high chairs, sometimes its new underwear and socks. BUT what is always needed no matter the day is always BEDS. For someone with a baby/toddler it is one of the most important things to have! To help ensure a good night's sleep a BED is needed.
All kinds of BEDS..bassinets, pack n plays, cribs, toddler beds..these are all so helpful! So if you have a friend, neighbor, niece, nephew, co-worker that has a child that has outgrown their bed and is looking for a good home we are always accepting BEDS.
Families are so beyond blessed to receive beds (in good condition that is).
We have heard of babies/toddlers sleeping on floors, in their parents' bed, with their siblings, in their when they receive a BED it changes so much.
Thanks for all your wonderful donations that go to support families with young children, YOU are sowing a good seed into a family.

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